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I just made my first sale the other day! I was so so so happy I thought I'd cry! It was that card suit choker I posted a picture of, go figure. Apparently, people really love Alice in Wonderland inspired things, so I made a couple of other necklaces after that one sold. I made a top hat necklace and a white rabbit necklace, and I'm pretty excited to see if they'll sell!
I was so happy with the order that I even gift wrapped the little package so the customer will have a pleasant time opening it. ^_^
I'm sorry that I haven't been very active lately. I sort of got myself into a little relationship with Saskia. ^///^ I never had a chance to blog about it. But we've been in the process of moving in together, which has been both wonderful and sad. I was getting really happy with my new apartment and my pretty room, and I'd even started getting my book nook set up...
HOWEVER, Saskia decided I didn't have to give it up, so we just added all my pinkery into her bedroom and she helped me install a new book nook in one of her closets. (It's actually much better than the one I'd begun.)
So anyway, I'm doing great work at the Boutiquery with my jewelry! And since I make mostly one of a kind items, I don't have to worry about running out of people to buy it.
My strawberry cookies are still selling well also, which isn't surprising since people will always be wanting cookies. And Saskia invented this lovely pink strawberry cocoa drink that goes perfectly with the cookies, so people are always coming in and ordering an average of about 2 cookies and a pink cocoa.
I've been pretty happy!
So that's all! I gotta get back now. <3
I opened an Etsy shop, ermahgad!
It's mostly hemp and beads and stuff, but I plan on experimenting a lot with recycled soda cans and the like.

Look at this sexiness.
I kind of took myself shopping yesterday and bought too many hemp and bead things.
I only have a few things in my shop right now, but I will make many more all too soon. I got some orange stone skull beads, and I intend to make a rather nice Halloween style bracelet with them.
I also bought a small dichroic glass heart that I will make a rather lovely necklace with. :)
I only use Hemptique brand hemp, because it's well processed and less itchy than most brands I've found. Very soft, really.
Anyway, Etsy is so enticing, I want to just buy it all! Especially this:

HNNNNNG. Please get this for me!!!! I can't afford it in this lifetime!
Well, I just joined two new communities today~! randompictures, a community dedicated to just that, and subconscia, a community dedicated to recording and sharing your weird dreams.
Do join, if you like. 
Well, it sure has been busy around here. When I went to Saskia's the other day after work, I brought some stuff I got at Trader Joe's, and made cookies with it. They were like sugar cookies, in a way, but they were made with real strawberries and tasted fantastic. I was so proud of myself.
Especially when Saskia was blown away by them and insisted I bake some for the Boutiquery!! That's where shit gets weird. 
So the next day, I bring in all the ingredients, right? I bake a huge batch of the strawberry cookies... something like 40 cookies, and she places them on display in one of these big glass display dish thingies with a handwritten sign advertising them. Within like an hour, they SOLD OUT. Even the crazy old bag that bitches about everything bought like a half dozen and ACTUALLY ate one without complaining. She said they were the best thing we offer here, and then left. So yeah. Glad my cookies were a big hit. :D 
Other than that, nothing big is going on around here. I found a ton of pennies lying around on the ground, so I thought I might find a way to turn them into a cute little bracelet or something. :)
Bitches, settle down. Ugh. I hate how I can't do ANYTHING without someone criticizing. I post photos on DeviantART, trying to just keep my photos organized and available online. And there's always some dick who has to bombard me with unwanted critique. If I wanted your critique, I would fucking ask for it.
Maybe I should do something different, like... Flickr? Is that a place for sharing photos, as well? I just thought that with DeviantART, I could share ALL of my works, including my writing. :-/ I suppose I could just close off comments, but I don't want to shut out those people who might actually have something nice to say. The main problem I've had lately is that I just can't find anything good to photograph. And because of that, I end up taking photos of silly little mundane things... I didn't really think it was a huge problem or anything... I mean, there is much beauty to be had in simplicity. But I guess not everyone can really appreciate simplicity.
It's just so boring where I live, and I can't afford the gas it takes to drive around and go looking for photo ops. All the times I DO catch a glimpse of something worth photographing, I can't do it. 
For example, the other day I'm driving home from work. The sun is going down, and I see all these deer on the bright orange horizon near a single tree. It would have been the most glorious photo shoot, but I was driving down a busy road, and could neither stop nor park. 
It is so frustrating when beauty presents itself to a photographer who is incapacitated. 
I was thinking about maybe trying photomanipulation, since it's a good way of producing art that you don't necessarily need a good photo op for, but for some reason, it just doesn't seem as beautiful, or meaningful. :/ I don't know what to do. I'm just bursting at the seams with all this creativity I can't do a thing with. >_<
What a week!
For such a short time, it got really warm, and all of the snow melted away. It was perfect T-shirt weather for me. Other weenies wore coats, but I wanted to go on a picnic. Unfortunately I was working. And man, I'm getting sick of twatty customers. They'll always find something to bitch about, just for the sake of bitching. I kid you not.
For example, there's this one old lady who always comes in... at least twice a week. Every time she comes in, she bitches about whatever she orders. The cookies are too hard, or the cupcakes have too much frosting. The latte is too sweet, etc. And she comes in multiple times a week and does this. Sometimes, she even orders the EXACT SAME THING and bitches about it. 
Like, seriously, woman. If you don't like our treats, stop coming in and bitching about them. It's like she pays us to let her bitch at us. Whatever, money is money. I wonder if she's senile... And speaking of Saskia's, Saturday I made a grand total of $66 on my jewelry alone. I felt so impressed with myself!!!
The Boutiquery is closed on Sundays, so today, Saskia invited me over and let me just tell you... it was amazing.
Her house is this beautiful little cottage style deal with so many windows. The outside is off-white with black trim, and the inside... well...

I thought they just looked more perfect in black and white. ^^
Together, we made flower-shaped tea biscuits. They were very good, and she added a little something to give them the tiniest peach flavor.
They went very well with the peach tea she made, which she added a bit of vanilla cream to... Oh, it was so amazing. For dinner, she made spaghetti with whole black olives... Let me tell you something: Black olives are a terrific alternative to meatballs. See, Saskia isn't a vegetarian like me, so she went out of her way to make sure our meal was vegetarian. As such, she added the black olives to make it more substantial, and just wow. It was incredibly good. She baked it in the oven with grated mozzarella on top and it was TO DIE FOR.
I had such a nice time with her. We played Scrabble and it was so cold outside, so she actually lit her fireplace. Her GENUINE fireplace, oh my gosh. I'm so jealous of her house, but I think we're becoming very close friends, so I have no doubts that I'll be going back all too soon. :)
It makes my apartment seem so silly.
Anyway. I saw some pictures floating around recently of people's closets which they had modified into what they called "book nooks," and it made me seriously want to try doing that myself. I mean, how cool would it be to have a little miniature library in your home that you could just go and hole up in, losing yourself between the pages of a good book?
It sounds like just the place I'd want to run away to on those really stressful days... Like when the old lady comes in and harasses us about our "shabby bakery."

This was the original picture I saw.
It looks so cozy and wonderful. Of course, my closets are shaped much differently, but still... I found someone's DIY on how they did their book nook, and it doesn't look all that hard, so I'm hoping that when my tax return comes in, I'll be able to transform a closet of mine. :^) 
For anyone who stumbles upon this blog and might be interested, here is the link to the DIY http://thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com/2011/05/closet-turned-book-nook.html
[WAHT?]And just for grins, this is me trying out the spoiler option.
Well, anyway. Saskia kissed me on the cheek again before I left. When I got home I googled to find out if it's a Dutch custom, or whatever. Apparently, there's a Wikipedia page on cheek-kissing. I can't believe the shit they have Wikis for. O_O Anyway, it seems that cheek kissing is a friendly custom among people in the Netherlands as well as France, so I can relax now and stop worrying about things I ought not worry about. And next time, perhaps I can return her little cheek kiss thing, because I think it's cute. And Saskia is adorable, too. I was thinking about drawing a picture of her. :^) Especially since she drew one of me! 
Yawnnnn. But anyways. It's 1 in the morning. I ought to get some sleep. 
Take care, dearest void. Sleep well, and don't let Monday get the best of you.
It's been a great week so far. :) Saskia came over for dinner the other night, and I made zucchini and yellow squash pasta with home made garlic sauce. It was delicious, considering I just threw it together, and she was very impressed. We actually had a great time. We opened up a bottle of strawberry & cream champagne while she sketched a picture of me. 
I didn't know that she could draw. She exaggerated my eyes quite a bit, but it's a lovely style anyway. 
Before she left, she kissed me on the cheek. I'm not sure if that's a Dutch thing, or if it was something I should have been reading into more, but for now, I'll just leave it alone.
We had a good time together away from the Boutiquery, and next time, she says, she will have me as her guest. :)
As for me, I've been having this serious issue involving my creativity. x_x I get these huge bursts of creative juice that I can't seem to put into any sort of medium. I want to be artistic, but I can't get into any of the things I usually do. 
Last night, I just ended up taking a ton of really lame photos of whatever I had lying around (which, at the time, happened to be makeup, mostly.) 
Cute for Hipster PicsCollapse )
Jeebus, I need a new hobby. I haven't picked up quilling since I lived in Phoenix, and I don't know if I will again. It reminds me a lot of the garbage I went through there, and I don't want to be reminded of it, if possible.
I was thinking of making music somehow, but I don't really play any instruments, nor do I truly get the hang of music programs like fruity loops, or Acid Express.
I also thought about maybe directing short films, or something to that effect, but I haven't decided yet.
I just want some sort of creative outlet that deviates from the things I'm used to doing, like photography and sketching. 
I could sculpt, or start a scrap book... I could try to start making jewelry, since I've always wanted to, but never tried...
There's just so many things I could do, and I can't really choose one. 
Here's hoping it will come to me soon!
Man, my entry got trashed and now I have to write it all over again. xP
I miss the days when Livejournal autosaved, or whatever. Nothing happens the same anymore. At any rate, I don't have much important stuff to say. I'm mostly bored, so here's a picture of my nails. :B I'm going to be one of those losers today.
pink lemonade
Pink lemonade, hehehe. 
Okay, so enough girling about. >:E I'm trying to get back into photography again, but I'm having trouble locating my muse. I know I left it around here somewhere. >_>
It's so hard to do flipping anything these days. Saskia's has been busier than hell lately, I suppose because of all the holidays packed together in close succession. Just wait until Valentine's day, everyone's going to be pouring in for their cupcakes and cookies and what not.
Oh, hm. I guess I haven't ever mentioned where I work yet. :B Herdy durr. There's too much to catch up on, this is stinky. 
Well, anyway, I've been working at Saskia's boutiquery. It's a cute little local shop that's simultaneously a bakery and a handmade gift shop. And Saskia is this adorable little Dutch chick with shiny blond hair. She makes everyone laugh with her adorable English. And I mean that with all sincerity, as I find bad English completely wonderful, so long as it's actually from a foreigner and not an American who just dicked off in English class.
How I got the job is, I went in looking for a cup of coffee because it was stone freaking cold outside, blizzarding, and I was lost. Saskia was working and she was so freaking nice, she gave me a free cup just to warm me up, as well as a fresh baked slice of CARROT CAKE, which is my all-time FAV. There wasn't anyone in that day because of the blizzard, so she just sat down and chit-chatted with me for awhile. I told her I was new in town and all that jazz, and she was eyeballing the necklace I had on that I made.
And it was really that simple. She said that she liked my talent and if I was still looking for a job, I could work in her shop and sell some of my own jewelry, too, as a little extra bonus. 
It's great how that works, too. Any money from my jewelry goes straight to me. I don't even have to give her a percentage. It's basically like a tip, so I'm making decent money at Saskia's. 
Anyway, time for some deep thought, then I'm making some tea and settling down for a nap. 

Deep Thinkin'Collapse )


It has been like a million years since I posted. Not that anyone reads this, or anything, at least I hope.
I was gone for a long time, because I had to disappear. 
Jo and I had some issues, and... well, I should say he had some issues. He was kind of overly possessive, and he tried to fucking kill Jordan. I guess I didn't mention all that. Jordan freaked and came out trying to find me, and Jo was super pissed. They both got into a fight, and Jordan barely made it out alive. I kind of disappeared and... sorta kinda faked my death. :I I know it's shitty, but it was the only way I could get them both out of my life and not have them chasing after me like obsessed stalker freaks. Besides, I came to terms with the fact that Jo was too old and Jordan was too young, and I just wanted to get out of that shitty situation and get out on my own, away from them.
I stayed with a friend for awhile until I could get my own place, and now that I have, I'm pretty fucking happy.
I'm currently living much farther away now, as well. I thought I liked the midwest, so I decided to move up here. It's not bad at all. 
I got a cute little apartment of my OWN, so I can fill it with my OWN shit and not have some idiot loser bitching about it. My room is all pink and Hello Kitty-tastic. Posters, clock, mouse pad, the whole shebang. Pink is everywhere. I got this pink cotton candy scented perfume and deodorant spray. They smell super sweet and yummy, so my whole room is just this pink, candy-scented love buffet.
I'm in heaven.
It's been a long time since I could just indulge myself in the things that I like and be free and do what I want.
And shit, while I'm at it, I might as well write this entry in PINK just because I CAN. And I can now play Tom Waits in my room without Jo bitching and whining about how gravelly his voice is. It's all beautiful. 
I found a shop called Teavana and bought so much excellent tea. I can brew it and drink it and not have people nagging about the flavor. I CAN PAINT MY NAILS WITHOUT PEOPLE BITCHING ABOUT THE SMELL.
Everything about having my OWN house is fantastic. So forget about stupid lousy men. 
I've been happy for several months now, and I'm not going to invite another cunt rag into my life to fuck it up. :)
So there's my happy entry. Glad to be back into the swing, I totally forgot about this thing

Well, Jo has been surprisingly forgiving about everything. Strangely. I came to see him after everything was through with the doctors and everything.
He hugged me like never before and started to cry as he told me how much he missed me and how sorry he was. It was sweet.
And then he made me dinner and brought me to bed. TO BED. If you understand, and...
My gosh.
It was great. I just feel... like I'm where I belong. Everything is so much better when I'm here. I don't feel so stressed out and shit.
I'm still sour about everything that fucking happened in Phoenix. But whatever. J said what happens in Phoenix stays in Phoenix, and that's what I'm thinking, too.
It only makes sense. I'm back home, and I'm happy.
Only... I was wearing my clover earrings from Jordan. And Jo saw and wanted to know why I kept them. :/ He won't believe that I seriously only want to keep them because they're clovers. Like me.
But I'm not fighting with him, so whatever. He can think what he wants. Of course I miss Jordan at least a bit. I lost my "virginity" to him, so I think I have that right. Damn it. (And I say "virginity" with quotes, because of what happened when I was little... I don't like to talk or think about it, but I can't say virginity "technically." But to me, it was my first real time, so I don't care... Whatever.)
And I don't think anyone has the right to tell me what my rights are.
Whatever. Anyway. I'm feeling kind of stressed out again just from writing this, so I'm gonna go away before I lose it.

I'm back home.

Something really shitty happened. 
Friday night, I packed all my shit into my car as fast as I could, and I took off back home. I don't care about the schooling, or the money, and I certainly don't care about the people. I wanted out. I NEEDED out. I couldn't fucking stay there anymore.
Evan, just... I keep telling myself it's all behind me, it's gonna be okay. I just need to forget about it and move forward, but it hurts so much, it's so fucking hard. I resent myself and I resent everything. I feel like dying.
During the dance thing... Just. Evan came by my room. I don't want to fucking talk about it, but.. Something shitty happened, and... I lost the baby. Four painful hours crying and bleeding in the bathroom, shaving my skin off with my fingernails, and everyone else is off dancing to shitty music, ignorant of everything. No one noticing that I wasn't there or wondering if I was okay. Especially no one named Jordan. He was probably in Melinda's room enjoying the privacy. I don't care. I'm out of that shitty place. I'm out and I'm never going back. This college thing was such a stupid idea, and I should've known that from the beginning.
And now I have to go to the doctor again and have more fucking tests done. It's a good thing I'll be going to a different doctor, otherwise people might start slut rumors again.
Why is everything so fucked up? What did I do to deserve this? I tried to live my dream, that's what I get, right? Everyone knows dreams are stupid and unrealistic. That's why they're called dreams. This was my foolishness, I brought this upon myself. And I am ashamed. I haven't seen Jo yet, and I don't know if I want to. I don't know if he wants to see me. Maybe we'll fight. Maybe he'll come tell me how disgusted he is by me. 
I don't need this. I have to go. 


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